Mafia II on Sale this week in Steam Store

Before packing your bags for New Bordeaux in Mafia III, take one last trip through Empire Bay in Mafia II. As of today, Mafia II and all of Vito Scaletta’s early exploits are once again available on Steam for PC. And to celebrate, we’re having a huge sale: Get all Mafia II game and DLC for 80% off for a limited time!

If you’ve never before played the game, now’s the perfect time to jump on and learn all about Vito’s life before he gets mixed up with the Marcano crime family in New Bordeaux.

For one week only, you’ll be able to snag Mafia II for $6! ($8 for the Digital Deluxe version.) Jimmy’s Vendetta and Joe’s Adventure DLC will run you $2 apiece! The different skin sets (Greaser, War Hero, Vegas and Renegade) are going for less than a dollar each!

If you don’t take advantage of this deal before it ends on June 8, we’ll have to send some friends to discuss it with you.

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Mafia III IGN World Premier

Tune in Sunday June 12 at 5:30 PM PT to IGN for our Mafia III E3 World Premiere.
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