Get Donovan’s Side of the Story in Mafia III: Stones Unturned

We know that Mafia III revolves around the Marcano crime family and Lincoln’s tale of revenge, but everyone wants to see more of John Donovan. Same here at Hangar 13! That’s why Lincoln’s fiery, wiseass CIA handler from Vietnam is front-and-center for “Stones Unturned” – the new DLC for Mafia III coming May 30.

In “Stones Unturned,” Donovan is your wingman and buddy. He’s there with you every step of the way, helping unfold a mystery brewing in New Bordeaux. As Donovan’s past catches up with him, you’re fighting side-by-side… or, in some cases, firing a huge mounted turret from the back of a truck while he’s doing the driving.

Which leads us to what’s turning up in Stones Unturned.

One thing that we’ve continually heard from fans is how much you loved the minute-to-minute story-driven action in Mafia III. So we focused on that to bring this DLC to life. “’Stones Unturned’ is an adventure story, through and through. Our goal: Make it feel like a great buddy action movie,” says Senior Writer Ed Fowler.

  • More to explore: We won’t spoil too much, but as you’re chasing down clues, you’ll explore new locations within New Bordeaux city limits – a department store, restaurant and safe house – as well as a remote island off the coast of New Bordeaux.
  • There’s a new support option: You’ll be able to call in Sniper Support.
  • New vehicles: How does a turret-mounted off-road vehicle sound? Good? Good.
  • New mission types: You’ll meet another salty friend from Donovan’s past as you pick up new Bounty Hunting missions around New Bordeaux.
  • New weapons to subdue foes: Get your hands on the dart gun to silently take down targets from a distance.
  • Most important: Donovan is your wingman, fighting by your side throughout “Stones Unturned.”

That’s right, you’re getting 100% more Donovan. “What we really wanted to do was tell a story that was unique to Lincoln and Donovan. Something to show they were a tight team that had each other’s backs… and that they have this rich history together. We don’t get explicit about their time in Vietnam, but in “Stones Unturned,” you get to experience what that time might’ve been like,” Ed told me. He also went a little more into what it’s like to write lines for Donovan.

“Writing Donovan, brings my inner wiseass out. He gives you that channel to say and do what you probably wouldn’t in civil company. What I really love about the character is that Donovan is a guy that you can disagree with his methods, but you understand his reasons. He truly believes in what he’s doing and he is armed with facts as he does it.”

According to Ed, it’s a combination of what’s on the page… and what actor Lane Compton brings to role.

“[Donovan’s] so much fun to write. Still, I gotta say it’s equally the magic Lane brings to the table. He locks in on Donovan’s swagger and principles in such a dynamic way and takes everything to another level. It’s awesome to watch him work.”

We’re excited for “Stones Unturned” to just get out there for everyone to see these two pals hanging out in New Bordeaux. The bullets start flying May 30 on your favorite digital storefront.

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