Unlock Mafia: Trilogy rewards with a 2K Account

Sign up for a free 2K Account to unlock additional items for each game in Mafia: Trilogy.

Sign up for a free 2K Account to unlock additional items for each game in Mafia: Trilogy.

All three games that make up Mafia: TrilogyMafia: Definitive Edition, Mafia II: Definitive Edition, and Mafia III: Definitive Edition—give you a bevy of choices for how you want the main character to dress, what weapons they should wield, and what they should drive. Now you can expand your collection in each Definitive Edition game just by signing up for a free 2K Account and logging in next time you play.

First, sign up for a 2K Account. Once you've created and verified your 2K Account, you can link your account to your platforms of choice, including those where you own any of the Mafia: Trilogy games.

When you start up one of the Definitive Edition games while connected to the internet, you'll also see a prompt to create or sign in to your 2K Account. Once you've logged in, your rewards for that game will unlock instantly, and will be part of your collection on that platform from then on whether or not you're logged in to your 2K Account. If you delete your save or uninstall the game, simply log in to your 2K Account again to reclaim your items.

Here's a breakdown of the items you'll unlock for each game in the Mafia: Trilogy by becoming a 2K Account member.

Mafia: Definitive Edition - Black Cats Motorcycle Pack

Make Tommy Angelo look like a different kind of gang member with the Black Cats Motorcycle Pack, highlighting the new motorcycle vehicles available in Mafia: Definitive Edition. This pack unlocks the Black Cat biker outfit and the Black Cat Tomahawk motorcycle.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition - Made Man Pack

Vito Scaletta will fit right in with Empire Bay's elite with the Made Man Pack. This pack adds a suit with sunglasses and a tuxedo with a bow-tie to your wardrobe, and puts the sporty Roller GL300 and classic Cossack cars in your garage.

Mafia III: Definitive Edition - The Classico & IL Duca Handgun

Lincoln Clay can style himself after the old school with The Classico three-piece suit and a customized IL Duca handgun, which is a gold-plated version of the Masterson Phoenix revolver. Once unlocked, The Classico will be added to your wardrobe and the IL Duca will be offered by the Arms Dealer.

In addition to the in-game items, signing up for a 2K Account also makes you eligible to receive Mafia: Trilogy newsletters that will offer behind-the-scenes insights in the weeks to come. You can opt in or out of these emails at any time via the Subscriptions tab of the 2K Account website so you can stay current with all the latest Mafia: Trilogy news.

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