“Sign of the Times” Now Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Lincoln has taken on the Italian Mafia, corrupt sheriffs and rogue CIA agents. Starting today, you’ll deal with a blood-thirsty cult that’s one step ahead of you. The final story DLC that wraps up Mafia III’s Season Pass – “Sign of the Times” – is now available on digital stores for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What’s in it, though? Let’s break down what’s lurking at the fringes of New Bordeaux.

A new enemy: The Ensanglante is a drug-fueled, blood-worshipping cult operating in and around the city. They’re set on an inevitable collision course with Lincoln after he disrupts one of their macabre ceremonies taking place inside the walls of Sammy’s bar.

A mystery to solve: It’s a game of cat-and-mouse as you work to uncover the Ensanglante’s end-game. Along the way, you’ll investigate ritual sites for clues and signs of their whereabouts. Check bodies, take pictures of evidence and follow clues with your black light as you edge closer to the horrifying truth. You can read more about the cult and the Investigation experience here on the Mafia blog.

A new way to play: If you have deadly accuracy, you’ll get extra time to take down targets. “Sign of the Times” introduces a new slow-motion gunplay mechanic, similar to the slow-motion driving skill introduced in “Faster, Baby!”. Once activated, the world slows as you take aim. While the timer ticks down, snap off successful headshots and you can keep the meter going.

New weapons in your arsenal: Once you beat back the Ensanglante, you can order the Black Sacrament automatic rifle from the weapons van. And throughout the game, you’ll discover throwing knives that’ll let you silently slay your way through the city.

New threads: Ready to rip the roads up as if you were in a gang?  Slap on the Motorcycle Club outfit. Playing “Sign of the Times” also unlocks The Wanderer and Tee Time outfits in Lincoln’s wardrobe.

New wheels for your fleet: Win the Samson Harrier hotrod in a race and you’ll fly off the line. Meanwhile, the Bulworth Harrow is a seriously grim set of wheels perfect for ushering your enemies to their very own funeral.

A “new” place to call home – Sammy’s: All the hard-earned cash earned from your side businesses and whatever you *ahem* get while on the streets can be put into refurbishing Sammy’s to its former glory. Rebuild the bar, get a new jukebox – put Sammy’s back together just like you remember it from the very beginning of the game. But you can also start adding more to it. This was a big request from the fans – and it’s something we really wanted to deliver in “Sign of the Times”.

You can read more about Sammy’s in this post on the Mafia blog.

“Sign of the Times” is the third and final piece of DLC in Mafia III’s Season Pass. Here at Hangar 13, it’s our goal to tell great stories and deliver kickass gameplay experiences. We truly hope you enjoyed your stay as we worked to add more features, create memorable characters and deliver crazy car chases along the way. While we set out to tell Lincoln Clay’s story of revenge, we also wanted to make you feel welcome in New Bordeaux.

from the entire Mafia team, thanks once again for all your support, your feedback and spending time with us.

We’d love to keep hearing about your run-ins with the Marcano family – so keep in touch with us on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels for the latest on all things Mafia.


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